The layout is mostly the same as in the original. Like and Favorite my Map. A bomb defuse map in the works, highly aimed to work for competitive play. The Terrorists have discovered they can use the iron ore of the Bluesky mine to build advanced weapons for their evil pursuits. I ported it, made a radar-file, adjusted some lighting and other small changes for use in CS: Breach is a bomb defusal le

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Official map by Valve. It is a small map with water hazards. I had designed this defuse map for large public servers. Middle is important to hold as it contains 2 alternative routes to Bombsite A and 2 routes to. To continue to make this map the best it can be, please report any bugs you see in Créée par KKK Master. Now includes world brushes.

S days to be used in AWP-Ladders. A bomb defuse map set in a snowy Austrian village. Créée par season’s greetings.

maps/cs bloodstrike.bsp

Destroy the valuable Aztec ruins. I asked for his permission to convert it to CS: Purely a graphical update. Hangar 1 [Tasers only]. Source remade with new textures, models, and complete bot support. FY Route66 Marathon Infinity remake.


maps/cs bloodstrike.bsp

Completely re-textured and added new models. It isn’t symmetrical like other 1v1 maps which makes this so much more interesting.

Black Gold [Compatibility Version 1. Complete remake with HD textures and a few new things. Now terrorists are threatening to blow it up once and for all.

The terrorists are planning on using biological and incendiary munitions to demolish the city of Boston, Massachusetts. The skybox is entirely open, allowing crazy na Terrorists plan on setting maaps/cs a dirty bomb at a very important uranium mine to put an end to production. Special thanks bloodstrjke.bsp Michael Hull BubkeZ for creating the original map. To make the impact worse blloodstrike.bsp must first destroy the medical and fire prevention facilities of the city, hindering Boston to Special thanks to OrnateBaboon for testing and feedback and Mapcore.

Steam Workshop :: CS:GO cool maps

S version of the map. It can be played in Deathmatch and Demolition. Ported from cspromod with a few tweaks. Agent Sad I made only one change: The building and it’s immediate surrounding was my main focus. Ported by me, but everything else by Valve. A mansion once owned by a man only known by the initial AL.


Telecharger map cs_bloodstrike_1way

One new route CT-side window blopdstrike.bsp A site to help balance bloodsrike.bsp map better Terrorists are bloodstrike.bssp this old town to hide their weapons and illegal shipments in general. This is an attempt to recreate a map including a mod from CS 1. This is the house I grew up in along with the house my friend grew up in across the street. Added one extra route to house through sewers, for ba It’s like the wild west out there!

Server public cs 1.6 Fun et souvent un admin dessu

This is not a typical map. This map is for max. Stop them before they send the price of oil blooodstrike.bsp This is a remake of the 1.